Harley Davidson

Now I am the first to admit, I know nothing about Motor Bikes, however what I do know about them...is that I bloody love them!! And especially Harley's! They are Beautiful, Colourful, Special, Sentimental, Loud, Individual and they all have their own characters. Each and everyone means something special to it's owner, and brings such joy into peoples lives. On Saturday 18th March 2017, my Harley owning, loving partner Andy and I, took the short trip down to Guildford Harley Davidson to join them for their annual Birthday bash. As always it was Loud, Fun, Full of Community and great to be a part of. Everyone is there for one reason, and thats to embrace the Harley Community. Meet old and ne

The Mill Elstead

Thursday 16th March 2017 saw the first Networking event for Wedding Professionals at The Mill in Elstead, Surrey. What a beautiful venue. Traditionally a country pub, but with a true hidden gem! Sian and her staff took the The Mill on 2 years ago, and have transformed it to a wonderful venue to have a quiet drink or a rural country wedding. The site is large, rustic and extremely pretty. On your approach you enter over a lovely bridge that guides you over the River Wey, which runs right under the pub. Large car park means there is plenty of space for locals and party guests. Through the main door you are first met with the giant water mill that is working and housed behind a large glass wall


Growing up and shopping with family and friends...Pre loved was never my thing. I was always the one that would hold the bags outside the door, whilst others went in. I even remember my mum trying to drag me into Quality Seconds, and me not having any of it! Charity shops were just somewhere people off loaded their junk too, and you would never find anything decent in them. Well that was then.... Now in my mid 30's and having truly discovered the person I really am, I love a good bargain, and I certainly now, love a good charity shop...Oh how things change! So when an advert popped up on my fb page for a Pre Loved clothing sale in Guildford, Surrey, I was right there. Only being 10 minutes

Fun at the Beach

Being able to capture families special moments is what makes my job a pure joy. Being allowed into people's lives to help document all those fun times is truly an honour. 3 weeks ago, I packed up my camera and travelled down to West Wittering Beach to meet this beautiful bunch. Now, I'm not going to lie...they are my friends, in fact more like family. But it doesn't take away from the fact that I have the opportunity to document a spontaneous occasion that we will all remember forever. I adore my job, and being able to combine my passion, with my love for my family and friends just makes me smile daily. West Wittering Beach, Hampshire, UK

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