The Dress Experience

Planning a Wedding can be a big challenge. Guys & Girls all over the world have longed for this day for years and want to make it super special, and live out all their dreams. But the biggest challenge without a doubt for any bride is the dress! The one feature they hope will shine out above all others. It can be a quick decision or a long struggle searching through hundreds of magazines, Pinterest posts, and travelling half way round the country to find The One! But once you do...the excitement kicks up a gear. When I set myself the challenge to step out of my photographers bubble, and learn more about other professions within the Wedding industry, Bridal Wear was top of my list!...Well a

Spring Time

Yesterday I found myself sat at my desk, just staring at my computer screen. Not even concentrating on what I was supposed to be doing, which no surprise, was yet more social media! I was sat thinking about how I wished my wedding season would hurry up and start. I'm not gonna lie...there are already plenty of photographers out there that have started already, so for a fellow Tog, I was feeling a little sorry for myself, and questioning why mine doesn't kick off till June! Granted I'm busy with Weddings from June all the way through to October, but it doesn't stop me feeling left behind. So in an attempt to get some mojo back, I did the one thing that I love more than anything.....I went a

Flower Power

As a Wedding Photographer, sometimes it's hard not to get wrapped up in your own little bubble, and believe you are the only person working hard. Well as we all know this is not the case. There are thousands of people out there working their socks off to make the Wedding Industry what it is. I love looking at other suppliers and seeing what amazing things people can create to make your special day so amazing. One of my loves is flowers! I love everything about them. They never fail to brighten up a day. Flowers are special. They can transform any environment, and make people feel super loved. Not to mention ..they smell amazing!!! So when a message was sent from my local florist shop,

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