RETAKE with Laura & Lee

When most people find out I'm a photographer, the first thing they always say is, 'Oh wow, that must be so much fun', or 'I've always wanted my photo taken, but never got around to it'. Sadly, the other comment I get a lot is "We had our photo taken once, and we were really disappointed' I feel really sad for people that have a bad experience. I know from personal experience, how weird it can feel to have your photo taken, especially when you’re a little camera shy, or lacking in confidence, One thing I make sure I do before I photograph anyone, is get to know them. Get to know who they are, and what they enjoy. I like to ensure all my clients are completely comfortable with me, and happy


Who wouldn't love the opportunity to spend a morning surrounded by cake?....(Well apart from someone that doesn't actually like cake of course..ha!) And who wouldn't love the chance to be surrounded by cake on a Friday? Well the answer is ME! Friday 21st July and off I went for another blog session, this time with the gorgeous ladies at The Crumby Bakery. On arrival my first thought was 'Yes a rustic, converted barn..Right up my street' The barn has been converted into a fantastic shop and kitchen space.  The front door leads you straight into the shop area. The shop is well stocked for all your cake decorating needs, with an array of colourful dyes, toppings and essential equipment. The sho

Rock n Roll

Have you ever thought about putting a bit of Rock n Roll in your life? I don't mean spending your evening in a diner whilst listening to Elvis (despite this sounding mega fun). I mean putting some individuality back into your life. How many of you can actually say you are truly who you want to be? I know I can't.....I try hard to be myself, but it's not always easy in a world full of websites, magazines and reality tv, showing you, what you 'should look like'. Being in the Wedding Industry I am lucky enough to come across other professionals and clients that have learnt to be themselves, and are smashing It! One of those people is Kat Williams. Founder, Owner, Blogger and Editor in Chief of

Selbourne Hampshire

For the past 4 years, myself and my best mate take ourselves off to Mayfield Lavender, up in Banstead. Normally July/August time. We like to go, so we can have a day out and take some photos. This year we planned the same trip as always, but after a quick chat we decided to utilise the beauty closer to home, and go off to The Lavender Fields at Selbourne, nr Alton in Hampshire. Having been there before myself, I knew how lovely it was. I have no idea why we haven't gone there it's so much closer to home. Mayfield is stunning, don't get me wrong, its a beautiful big site to explore. But Selborne just feels more personal. It's quieter and feels even more relaxed. The joy with Selbo

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