Year End....

When it comes to writing year end reviews, I am awful... I can hardly remember what I did yesterday most of the time, let alone what I did over the last 12 months. So, like every year, I sit there with my diary, scrolling through page by page, week by week, looking through the adventures I have put myself through, and surprising myself frequently when something pops up that I had completely forgotten even happened!! The problem with us human beings is, I swear we are programmed to only remember the negative...So when people say to you 'What was the high light of your year', we instantly forget and hone straight in on that one event that left a negative impact on our lives. Well, I for one a


For those of you that know me, or follow me, you will probably know by now that I have a few great passions and beliefs in life.... Everything happens for a reason Love Friendship Photography & Dogs... These 5 things mean everything to me, and I do my best to live by them as much as I can. So that's where Candy comes into it! As you may or may not know......3 years and 9 months ago, we rescued a 10 year old Cocker Spaniel called Candy. She needed a good retirement home to live out her senior years, and enjoy life to the max. And we were the people to give it to her! Already having the love of my life Sam (my Black Labrador fur baby) for 9 years, it was always gonna be a risk bringing another

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