Model Time

I met Alice a few years ago, through a mutual friend, to begin with it was only a passing hello, and how are you?.. every now and again. And I have to admit, I knew very little about her, and certainly didn't know she was a model!

However over the last 2 years I have really got to know Alice, and had the pleasure of working with her on numerous occasions.

Alice is a Plus Size Model, and what a fabulous job she does at it too.

She is so talented at what she does, and is always a joy to work with. She is calm, professional, classy, and not to mention incredibly beautiful.

As well as being a sensational artist, Alice has been a model for some years now, and just uses her creativity to express herself in the most amazing way. Through her clothes, makeup and general personality.

I grab every chance I can get to work with Alice now, and she never fails to blow mw away.

Our latest shoot was held at a beautiful little spot, local to where we both live.

We took a drive into our local town of Godalming (Surrey, UK) and headed for a beautiful spot called The Phillips memorial (A memorial for one of the radio controllers on the Titanic, who came from Godalming)

This is my favourite place in our town, and always brings out the best in me.

Alice was her usual relaxed and professional self, so I could just relax and let the camera roll.

Working in an environment I love, always bring out something special in me. Maybe it's because I feel at ease with my location and surroundings...I can't put my finger on it...but I love it!

Godalming has been my home town for many many years, and I can't think of a better place to come back to for a photo shoot. It is full of character and charm.

To discover more about Alice, you can visit her Instagram page @voluptuous_valkyrie

If you are interested in a location model shoot, then please don't hesitate to contact me for a chat...i'd love to work with you.

Surrey based Photographer

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