Growing up and shopping with family and friends...Pre loved was never my thing. I was always the one that would hold the bags outside the door, whilst others went in. I even remember my mum trying to drag me into Quality Seconds, and me not having any of it!

Charity shops were just somewhere people off loaded their junk too, and you would never find anything decent in them.

Well that was then....

Now in my mid 30's and having truly discovered the person I really am, I love a good bargain, and I certainly now, love a good charity shop...Oh how things change!

So when an advert popped up on my fb page for a Pre Loved clothing sale in Guildford, Surrey, I was right there.

Only being 10 minutes down the road meant I didn't even have to travel far.

Set on the green of Guildford Cathedral, a massive white marquee stood waiting to be explored.

I arrived at 10am (opening time), and assumed there would be a trickle of early birds ready to dive in, but how wrong was I? The place was packed! Apparently I am not the only person to love a bit of preloved fashion. It was so good to see the diversity of people embracing a second hand revolution.

After being handed a clear plastic bag to gather your bounty in, your are lead to the pay desk. £1.50 later and I'm in.

The sale works on a weigh system. £15 a kilo. So away I go.

I had already agreed with myself that I was only going to purchase a couple of items, and I actually stuck to my word, so feel rather chuffed with myself..ha ha.

The marquee was an array of colour and styles. Long lengths of clothing rails to be rummaged through.

From denim, knit wear, shirts, jackets, to belts, scarves and dresses, and a whole lot more. The choice was endless...6 tonnes of goods according to the staff.

After an hour of battling through the hundreds of people (I'm not even joking) I joined the snack like queue to purchase my items.

Very happy with my 2 waistcoats and a rather exciting country style denim shirt (which is miles to big, but couldn't resist). And yes i know I said I would only buy 2 items, but hey, 3 wasn't bad!..Ha!

£12 later and I'm out, and pleased I experienced it.

Pre Loved is a revolution sweeping the country, and we all need to embrace it. It is recycling at its best.

Venue: Guildford Cathedral, Surrey, Uk

Date: Saturday 11th March 2017

Time: 10.00am

PreLoved Clothing Sale

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