Flower Power

As a Wedding Photographer, sometimes it's hard not to get wrapped up in your own little bubble, and believe you are the only person working hard. Well as we all know this is not the case. There are thousands of people out there working their socks off to make the Wedding Industry what it is.

I love looking at other suppliers and seeing what amazing things people can create to make your special day so amazing.

One of my loves is flowers! I love everything about them. They never fail to brighten up a day. Flowers are special. They can transform any environment, and make people feel super loved.

Not to mention ..they smell amazing!!!

So when a message was sent from my local florist shop, asking for help with Mother's day deliveries...I jumped at the chance!

Holly & Marna have owned The Greenhouse Florist shop in Godalming High Street for nearly 10 years now, and what an amazing job they do too.

I have known these 2 gorgeous ladies for some time now, and never turn down a chance to go and visit them, and emerge myself in a day of Flower Power.

I had already previously mentioned to the ladies that I would love to do a blog post on them, to show case just how amazing they and their flowers are...so this seemed the best time.

Alongside asking them all the questions under the sun, I was actually there to do a job too..ha!

I along with one of their delivery drivers had a very important task.

It was the Friday before Mother's day, and they had flowers they needed delivering. We had roughly 20 drops to do that day, all spread over the local area. Covering Godalming, Guildford & Cranleigh.

So after taking a few snaps, I set to it.

Recording all addresses and getting the van loaded,

And we were off....3 hrs of delivering joy. Being a Friday, it was hard to catch everyone personally, but the faces I did see were all smiles.

There is nothing nicer than someone turning up on your door step unexpectedly with a beautiful bunch of flowers. I'm in no doubt that everyone that received their flowers would have been thrilled.

But of course it's not all roses...(Sorry)

A lot of hard work goes into ensuring you make people smile.

Over the course of the 3 days of Mother's day weekend, The Greenhouse made over 140 deliveries to customers! This obviously does not then include the shop customers that drop in wanting all sorts of bouquets, baskets and displays to be created.

This doesn't just happen. There is no flower fairy that works through the night to ensure all displays are created. This takes man power and a lot of it!

Holly & Marna work tirelessly to ensure all their displays are perfect and meet every customers requirements. Sometimes having to work 18 hour days just to meet demand.

Holly & Marna do an amazing job, and I know every display of flowers is made with complete passion and love.

The Greenhouse Florist, 73 High Street, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1AW

01483 414853



it was great to just spend a few hours with them, to see what another supplier goes through to create something unique.

I suppose to summarise I really wanted to write this post to let the outside world know that being a Wedding Supplier is not just about playing with flowers all day, or just taking photographs. There is a lot of work behind the scenes that the customer never see.

The hours of editing, or creating a product.

The late nights spent trying to keep up with your social media.

Or even the time it takes to write this Blog post.

We as Wedding suppliers absolutely adore what we do, and wouldn't change it for the world. But please remember we are still only human.

Big love to all those Wedding Suppliers out there.

And a massive Hello to all our past and future clients..we love you too.

A special thanks to Holly & Marna at the Greenhouse for allowing me to annoy them for the day.

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