Spring Time

Yesterday I found myself sat at my desk, just staring at my computer screen. Not even concentrating on what I was supposed to be doing, which no surprise, was yet more social media!

I was sat thinking about how I wished my wedding season would hurry up and start. I'm not gonna lie...there are already plenty of photographers out there that have started already, so for a fellow Tog, I was feeling a little sorry for myself, and questioning why mine doesn't kick off till June!

Granted I'm busy with Weddings from June all the way through to October, but it doesn't stop me feeling left behind.

So in an attempt to get some mojo back, I did the one thing that I love more than anything.....I went and walked my dogs! And of course took my camera. Being outside is where I truly believe I belong. I adore walking and I love landscape photography, so to be able to combine the 2 always makes me so happy.

I decided to go for a stroll in Tilford, nr Farnham, Surrey. Knowing that at this time of year, it's not only beautiful, but there was the potential for baby animals!

And I wasn't disappointed. Its such a relaxing walk. You start by the Cricket Green and walk your way along the river, through a farm, and onto Frensham Ponds.

The dogs and I got slightly sidetracked by all the beautiful farm animals, so never made it to Frensham...ha! But we were still out for over an hour.

By the time I had taken photos and let the dogs play in the river, I was feeling much happier, and having the sun on my skin, just perked me up.

Life is busy for me, and I have to remember that it's not all about the Weddings. I have lots of Families and Couples I also photograph, and get just as much enjoyment out of that.

I'm in no doubt come October, I'll be wishing it to be over...ha! I'm just never satisfied!...

I adore what I do, and just want my clients to be happy.

Bring on the Summer season!


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