When people find out I'm a Wedding Photographer, they often tell me about their experiences with their Photographer and how amazing their photos turned out, which always pleases me to hear.

However I am always surprised by the amount of people that tell me how awful their photographs were, or how the Photographer did not take all the photos they wanted.

Or how some issue occurred where by they were just not happy! And this saddens me.

Your Wedding Day is a once in a lifetime event (well hopefully), so you want it to be perfect in every sense.

A photographer can be one of the biggest expenses when planning a Wedding, so you need to make sure you get it right.

My advice as a Wedding Photographer will always be, to not necessarily go with the cheapest! Have you stopped to consider why they are cheaper than everyone else?

Seek advice from your Friends and Family. Get recommendations from others. Research photographers in your area and their work. And in the end choose the photographer that produces the images you require in the style you adore.

So after hearing a lot of sad stories, I took it upon myself to create RETAKE. A Project whereby I have invited couples to have a selection of Wedding Photographs retaken at a beautiful scenic location of their choice.

This project is an excuse for couples to get dressed up and glammed up and have some new photos.

The whole process will be Blogged about and sent out to the world to read.

Each couple will be interviewed, and their stories will be available for you all to read.

I'm very excited about RETAKE, and I hope you will follow me and my couples on their journey.

If you would like to take part in RETAKE, please email me at

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