Back On It!!!

They say you're supposed to Blog at least once a week, and up until the end of May, I was doing really well. Then I just seemed to fall off the wagon, and I wrote nothing!

Work took over, and here I am, 13th July already!

I've just returned from a 2 week Summer Break, and now I'm ready for it! Ready for what 2017 & 2018 has to offer me.

I want to ensure I concentrate on what I want to do, and where I want my career to go.

I am 2 months off being completely Self Employed for 1 whole year, and I can really begin to see the direction I want to take myself.

The next year is filled with Weddings, Portraits & Parties. But alongside these, I have some very exciting projects that I want to put my heart and sole into. These projects are the start of the direction I want to head towards.

Blogging, Magazine Articles, Organising Wedding Events and a new side line Business Venture...Things are gonna be busy, and I can't wait!

I want to use my photography for more than just Weddings and Portraits (Please don't get me wrong, I bloody adore shooting Weddings and Portraits, but I'm just not sure that's where I need to be right now...that's another post for another day)

I follow a lot of business people on social media, that once started small, just like me, and are now working hard and flying high. I aspire to this, and hope one day, people will look up to me, like I look up to them

One route I am taking myself too, is a small business venture I am working on with the supremely talented @voluptuous_valkyrie (You can find her on Instagram). I have had the privilege of photographing Alice on many occasions, but our mutual love for all things Vintage has brought us together. We have created a new Shop called Little Lane Vintage (@littlelanevintage on Instagram), where we sell all things Vintage and Preloved.

Through the new business, I get to use my creative side, to photograph all our products. It allows me to be me, and express myself in a manor I love.

I have also taken on the challenge of organising a local town Wedding Fair based in Godalming, Surrey in 2018. Something like this has never been done in our town before. I want the fair to express the laid back, DIY manor in which I think all weddings should adopt. I want it to be friendly and welcoming.

My final goal for this year is to be lucky enough to be featured in a magazine article. This is something I am already working on, and you will have to continue to read my future blogs to find out more.

Well that's it!...brain emptied....for now!

It's probably the worst post ever, as all I've done is ramble on in no particular order or manor. But that's me! And I was always told to Blog what you feel.

Thanks for listening gang.

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