Sunsets & Lavender

After a busy few months I decided to take some time off in July. I wanted to take the time to relax and chill out before another hectic few months begins.

So thanks to a couple of lovely friends treating me and Andy to a break away, the 4 of us ended up in Croatia for a week.

I've been to Croatia before, but we went to a new location, and what an amazing place it is too.

If you ask me to describe is in 2 words it would be Sunsets & Lavender. And lucky for me, these are 2 of my favourite things!

We stayed in a very rural location up in the Istria District of Croatia, called Bratulici about 30 minutes from Pula.

We had a stunning villa with a private pool, that we found on AirBnB. It couldn't have been more perfect.

The weather was super hot..around 37 degrees on some days, and I couldn't of loved it anymore.

The villa itself was a large stone built building full of charm. I especially fell in love with the Green window shutters. I feel I may have a slight obsession with quirky doors and windows going on..ha!

The pool was surrounded with a beautiful selection of flowering plants, lavender and home grown produce. The smells of which only enhanced our relaxing experience.

Due to the nature of us all wanting to just chill out, we didn't venture too far away from our villa, as we all just needed the rest and sleep. However we did go out in the evenings, where we discovered beautiful beaches and coastal towns. And not to mention the reason I wanted to go back to Croatia in the first place....Ice Cream!!!!! I can't describe to you what the ice cream is like. It's to die for. You can go to most towns and find rows of shops selling the most incredible flavoured Gelato.

The town of Fazana was one of our highlights. A stunningly old coastal town full of character.

The people are friendly and welcoming, and the town hosts an amazing array of restaurants and bars, most of which give you a perfect view over the harbour, which is the best location to sit and watch the sunset at night.

Helen certainly adds to the beauty of a Sunset!

On one very hot day we did venture out during the day to Pula. The main City in the district. We had one aim whilst there, and that was to go and explore the old Roman Amphitheatre.

My friend Helen is a massive History fan, so we couldn't go all that way and not see it. It didn't disappoint. It was a master piece of stone work. It was hard not to stand in the middle of the main arena and not imagine what it must have felt like for the gladiators to be surrounded by all the spectators waiting for what was to un leash in front of them.

We tried to get a photo with the 2 young guys dressed in all their gladiator outfits, but after waiting for 5 minutes whilst we watched them flirt with a couple of young pretty ladies, and discovering it would of cost us 20Kuna (£2.50) we walked away, and left them to it.

Back at the villa, is was back to the pool and sun loungers and time enough to switch off and dream of what the next few months hold.

I am excited about how busy I am due to be with Weddings, Portraits and Business ventures.

I'll keep you all up to date along the way.

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