Selbourne Hampshire

For the past 4 years, myself and my best mate take ourselves off to Mayfield Lavender, up in Banstead. Normally July/August time.

We like to go, so we can have a day out and take some photos. 

This year we planned the same trip as always, but after a quick chat we decided to utilise the beauty closer to home, and go off to The Lavender Fields at Selbourne, nr Alton in Hampshire.

Having been there before myself, I knew how lovely it was.

I have no idea why we haven't gone there it's so much closer to home.

Mayfield is stunning, don't get me wrong, its a beautiful big site to explore. But Selborne just feels more personal. It's quieter and feels even more relaxed.

The joy with Selbourne, is that it doesn't just have lavender, it also has the most incredible displays on Yellow wild flowers.

We took Sindi's 2 girls and had a stroll around.

It's lovely to just be able to let the kids go and explore.

Let them explore something different.

New textures and smells.

Every year I photograph Sindi and her kids...its my gift to we can document them. We can watch how they grow and change. And in years to come Sindi and her husband have memories to look back on.

It's always a joy...but then photographing your best mate and her kids is never a chore..ha!

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