Rock n Roll

Have you ever thought about putting a bit of Rock n Roll in your life?

I don't mean spending your evening in a diner whilst listening to Elvis (despite this sounding mega fun).

I mean putting some individuality back into your life.

How many of you can actually say you are truly who you want to be?

I know I can't.....I try hard to be myself, but it's not always easy in a world full of websites, magazines and reality tv, showing you, what you 'should look like'.

Being in the Wedding Industry I am lucky enough to come across other professionals and clients that have learnt to be themselves, and are smashing It!

One of those people is Kat Williams. Founder, Owner, Blogger and Editor in Chief of Rock n Roll Bride.

Photo courtesy of Rock n Roll Bride Instagram

I can't claim to know Kat personally, despite having some contact with her over the last year, and following her awesome adventures on Instagram (trust me, she's worth a follow @rocknrollbride)

I just find her inspirational. She works hard and creates an incredible magazine and website, and is very successful.

But she's still herself!

She dresses how she wants, has the hair colour she's always dreamed of, and is generally a living rainbow full of colour and sunshine.

Kat is also down to earth....she has created a brand designed for real people with real lives.

I myself have a subscription to the magazine. Not because I'm getting married, but because I'm a photographer, and love reading stories about real people, and seeing stunning work by other Togs.

Rock n Roll Bride gives photographer's the opportunity to be published (which means more to us than you can ever imagine) and gives married couples the chance to showcase their amazing days.

Along with the magazine, Kat works hard to keep all her followers engaged, with the latest trends and great personal life posts, through her various social media accounts.

She is the blogging queen and the master of Instagram Live.

I guess some of you might be wondering, why I'm spending my time writing a post about an already very successful business woman that I've never even met...

Well it's because she's amazing!

I've always said I want to use my photography for more than weddings and portraits.

I want to use it to document other avenues within the industry.

And by following someone like Kat, it enlightens me to these possible new directions.

I'm not gonna go into some Red Book 'This is your Life's on Kat, as this is not a bio on her life.

It's just a blog that gives me the chance to celebrate yet another powerful, individual, inspirational, successful woman.

Through my blogging and photography I get to meet a whole range of suppliers, and I just love to celebrate woman in business.

Please don't get me rock too!

And I look forward to blogging about some incredible men within the industry very soon.

I believe it's nice to be able to give a little love back to all those people that give all their love and support to others.

Kat your amazing!! Thanks for being You!!

Rock n Roll Bride

Instagram @rocknrollbride

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