Who wouldn't love the opportunity to spend a morning surrounded by cake?....(Well apart from someone that doesn't actually like cake of course..ha!) 

And who wouldn't love the chance to be surrounded by cake on a Friday? 

Well the answer is ME! 

Friday 21st July and off I went for another blog session, this time with the gorgeous ladies at The Crumby Bakery. 

On arrival my first thought was 'Yes a rustic, converted barn..Right up my street' 

The barn has been converted into a fantastic shop and kitchen space.  The front door leads you straight into the shop area.

The shop is well stocked for all your cake decorating needs, with an array of colourful dyes, toppings and essential equipment.  

The shop area is full of great photographs of past cakes, notice boards, signs, vintage tea time accessories, pom poms and bunting...certainly my kind of heaven. 

In fact, put me anywhere vintage with bunting, and I'm happy for hours. 

Separated by a bead curtain is the kitchen.  A sanctuary of lush smells and fondant. 

Charlotte and Molly were already well into their working day when I arrived at 10am. 

Being July, they had a string of wedding and celebration cakes on the go. 

Right in the middle of a 3 wedding weekend, things were busy.  Charlotte was in decorating mode, whilst Molly was up to her eyes in cupcake mixes. 

They work perfectly together, and use each other's strengths to enhance the business.  I'm in no doubt ,4 years down the line, they also now know each other very well. 

Starting the Crumby Bakery in 2013, Charlotte had previously worked as a Manager for Waverley Borough Council, whilst making cakes on the side.  Charlotte decided that the time had come to give up the day job, and actually open a cake shop. 

She opened a shop on Church Street in Godalming, and the Crumby Bakery was born. 

Alongside the cake making, the Godalming shop had a small tea room style area. 

Molly joined Charlotte in the shop not long after it opened. 

Molly initially went to Charlotte for advice about starting her own caking making business.  After a few chats and the odd 'Don't do it", Molly ended up working for Charlotte instead, and they've never looked back. 

After being in the Church Street shop for about 3 years, they realised they were out growing the premises, and a big decision was to be made. 

Do they drop the cake making service and just keep the café, or do they go full on cake?  Well the figures spoke for themselves and it was cake all the way! 

So, in 2016, Molly became a partner in the business, and they made the big move to Hambledon, on the outskirts of Godalming to their now beautifully characterful barn. 

As lovely as the shop and kitchen is now, it didn't quite start that way.  The barn was a perfect size, but it just didn't have the facilities it needed. 

But with the help, hard work and love of their family and friends, the kitchen and shop were created. 

The bakery is going from strength to strength. 

After a reasonable year in 2016 with 25 wedding cakes along with the celebration cakes, the business has nearly doubled in 2017 with a current total of 40 wedding cakes, with a large number of celebration cakes. 

The bakery offers a delivery service up to 20 miles from their location, which is a big bonus for customers. 

The ladies cater for all designs and styles of cakes, and they love nothing more than a different design. 

Drip celebration cakes and naked wedding cakes are right on trend at the moment, but Molly & Charlotte always discuss with their clients the best way to make their cake unique and individual. 

Charlotte and Molly are 2 of the loveliest ladies, and there is no doubt they have a true passion and love for their business. 

Business is going extremely well, but C+M, do always keep an eye on how they can develop the company in the future.  They want to keep if fresh and up to date. 

They both take the opportunity to do as many food markets as possible, as they love being out and about and sharing their cakes with the public. 

The Crumby Bakery, as with any Wedding Industry business, finds a great deal of their work through word of mouth and social media. 

Molly has taken on the social media aspect of the business, and is doing her best to keep up with Facebook and Instagram. 

No matter what businesses we run, we all struggle keeping up with the day to day social media. 

In the age we live in, instant access to businesses and information is key, so it's important for us to all do our best to keep up to date.  This said it is tricky, when like C&M, we don't sit at a desk all day. 

The future for the bakery is rosy, and the ladies are loving it! 

They do their best not to plan too far in advance, as trends and fashions change quickly, even in the world of cake. 

Owning your own business is not easy.  It's not all about making pretty cakes, and taking fancy photographs.  It's our passion. 

We all struggle and worry at times.  But we do it for ourselves, we do it knowing that we are working hard to support our families. 

Sometimes a risk is worth taking. That said, if it doesn't work's not the end of the world!   

But it does work, and you can make a go of it!  It's the most incredible feeling knowing you are working for yourself, in a job you love, and making others happy at the same time. 

I love meeting individual, powerful, successful business woman, and Charlotte and Molly are 2 of them. 

It was a privilege meeting 2 more hard working, gorgeous ladies on my industry tour. 

For me, visiting The Crumby Bakery wasn't just about taking photos.  It was about meeting another wedding Industry supplier thriving in the already crammed Surrey market. 

I know people complain at times about shopping local, as its more expensive than the main stream suppliers.  But at the end of the day, as the saying goes 'You get what you pay for'. 

And to be honest, it’s not more expensive.  If you were to take 2 minutes to actually calculate everything that goes into making a cake or creating a bunch of flowers, then you realise you are paying for love, you are paying for passion, you are paying for quality and individuality. 

You are paying to keep small businesses like mine, and Molly & Charlottes alive. 

I'd like to thank Charlotte and Molly at The Crumby Bakery for having me, and allowing me to pester them for an hour on a busy Friday morning, all so I could get a glimpse behind the scenes at a cake shop. 

Ladies your gorgeous!  Keep up the good work. Thank You!

The Crumby Bakery 

1 The Old Coal Yard



01428 288456

Instagram @thecrumbybakery

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