Opulent Morocco

September 8, 2017


Well where do I start?  From 2 of the nicest men I've ever met, through to being transported to Morocco.  This was the most magical, mystical and enchanting wedding. 

Oh and the Butlers in the Buff certainly added spice to the affair. 



The nerves were big for this wedding. 

After a chance meeting with the gorgeous Georgia in Cyprus last May, I ended up being booked for her brother's wedding in September. 

It wasn't until the booking had been made, that I found out Beau & Charles would be my first same sex wedding, and I was bloody ecstatic.  They both sounded like awesome guys, and the wedding was going to be epic. 

At this point I also found out the guys both lived in the states, so this was not going to be as straight forward as normal. 

Beau moved out to America a couple of years ago for work, and whilst there met Charles at a party, and they both never looked back. 


Beau & Charles lived in New York at the time, so Georgia (Beau's sister) and their family took on the planning of the big day. 


The guys had already officially married in a small, intimate service in Central Park, New York, surrounded by a small number of friends and family a few months earlier. 


B&C were desperate to have a marriage blessing in this country, whereby they could invite all their friends and family from far and wide to celebrate with them. 


Morocco Transported to Morden 

Arriving at the house (yep that’s right, house...the whole day would be taking place in the grounds of Beau's family home in Morden, Surrey, UK) 



Myself and my very able second shooter Andy (who also happens to be my boyfriend) approached the already open front door with a belly full of excited, nervous butterflies. 

From not even entering the house yet, I knew the days was going to be amazing!...and I wasn't disappointed! 



I had not had a chance to meet or even speak to the Groom's before the wedding day, due to both our schedules being manic, and having a 5 hour time difference hadn't helped. 

I was hoping to meet them the week leading up to the wedding, but between us we just couldn't manage a time. 

So, I'm not going to lie to you...I was pretty apprehensive. 

The guys had obviously seen my work, and had conversations with Georgia about me, but it didn't stop me worrying. 

My biggest fear?....What if they didn't like me?  What if they didn't actually like my work, but just booked me anyway.  All stupid thoughts I know...But us photographers are insecure people. 


Well, after a quick introduction to both the grooms...the nerves and fears just vanished.  They instantly made myself and Andy welcome, and were full of ideas, which I love. 

They are just 2 gorgeous, handsome, lovely chaps, that very obviously adore each other. 

This made for one very happy photographer. 


So, with a big sigh of relief, I instantly felt at ease. 

They both wanted the whole day documented, so I was free to do my thing. 

After being introduced to friends and family, and having a quick catch up with Georgia, we decided to leave them to if for a while, and went off to investigate the marquee that everyone was talking about. 


I don't even know where to begin to describe the marquee we walked into. 

This was not a marquee, this was a Bedouin, Moroccan, Opulent club straight from the night life of Marrakesh. 

With décor of red and gold, and rich fabrics on curtains, cushions, sofas and rugs. It simply blew my mind! 

I instantly fell in love with my surroundings, and my creative juices started flowing. 


The next few hours where taken up by groom prep, bridesmaid prep, a full rehearsal, and all the couple and group shots.