You've got to want it..

I've been thinking loads lately about where I'm heading and how my business is doing. Being a photographer can be a battle with yourself at times. You have the super highs and certainly have the deep lows. Your wading through a sea of other photographers to try and stand out and make an impact. But I love it!

However business has been up and down in 2017, and it has left me pondering the feature. Sat here on a super sunny Sunday September (yes to all the S's) morning, I've given myself a slap and know that I have to want my business to work! I have to make it work! I can't keep sat in front of my computer or playing on my phone expecting the business to find me...I have to go out and get it. I'm the kind of person that is constantly full of ideas and have plenty of amazing thoughts buzzing around me head...but never do anything with them. I think them, I dream them, I even plan them...but I never act on them. I get sudden fear of going it alone, stepping out of my comfort zone and everything costing me money. So I put a lid on the thoughts and forget them. But this doesn't get me anywhere! So this week in a bid to be proactive...i took the bull by the horns and thought i would get out i booked myself a hotel room for Birmingham in November, and I'm gonna take the opportunity to go to an area of the city I've also wanted to visit and shoot,  and I've bought tickets to an eclectic wedding fair. If im brave enough...i may even try and book a model and do a shoot whilst there. I need to get myself out there.  I need to stop being scared. I need to make it! Let's hope this is the start...

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