This Surrey Mummy

Through my Photography I love nothing more than having the chance to meet other people within the blogging world.

Blogging is something I am very quickly falling in love with. I can't claim to be any good at it, but I enjoy just expressing how I feel, and saying it as it is.

Via Instagram, I became in contact with a Surrey Mum called Nathalie who runs a blog called This Surrey Mummy.

Nathalie lives in Cobham in Surrey with her husband, 2 sons and dog Buddy.

This Surrey Mummy is a lifestyle blog, documenting Nathalie's journey as a Mum, and the adventures it creates.

Nathalie contacted me through Instagram and asked if we could work together. She asked if I could go along and photograph her and her family to use on her blog.

I jumped at the chance, as firstly I love Autumn, so I would never turn down

the opportunity to shoot a family amongst the colours. Secondly, I love having the excuse to write a diary blog post about my work, and what I get up to day to day.

Nathalie has already written a great Blog post on her website about her experience of the day and working with me...check it out..

This Surrey Mummy

I always love to see 2 completely different perspectives of the same event, It always amazes me how different we all see things.

Forming relationships with other business owners is key to making your own business work. You can bounce off each other, and help each other to obtain more followers, through mutual posts.

Networking was, and still is, something I sneer at, and I've always said I would never get involved in it.

However I've found myself, through my photography, doing exactly that! Networking!...Ha!

Saying that, I like my style of networking, it's far more personal and interactive. I'm really not one for mingling in a function room someone, throwing ideas around over tea and biscuits, whilst watching a power point presentation.

Blogging and photography is all about personal experience, and sessions like the one with Nathalie and her family are where I find my inspiration, and where I learn more about myself, my work, and others.

Blogging has opened up the world for people to see other people's perceptions on life.

Nathalie and her family are super! The men of the family are relaxed and very used to a camera! This is without a doubt down to Nathalie being a blogger. They are well trained at posing on request..ha! Which made my job far easier.

We met in the grounds of a school where Nathalie's Husband Tom teaches. It's a large site, with loads of outside space, so it was just perfect for a relaxed walk around.

The family arrived looking great in a variation of blues. Smart but casual enough to look comfortable. The 2 boys wore matching shirts, and jeans, and brand new trainers, that I would just like to add didn't stay clean for too long! Oops!.

Nathalie had already informed me earlier in the day, that she had even treated herself to a trip to the hairdressers for a blow dry for the occasion, so I knew she was ready and raring to go.

Knowing that we are both social media obsessed, and we both love a good Instagram Live story, I even made the effort to look half decent, despite always being behind the camera. You just never know when you're gonna get captured!

The session lasted for 1 hour. We wandered the grounds of the school picking out perfect areas, around the gardens and sports pitches.

The boys were great. I've worked with many children, and I know it can be so tedious for them having some strange woman keep sticking a camera in their face and telling them to look cool, but smile.

As with any real life, normal family situation, the boys had minds of their own, and knew exactly what they would prefer to do...and that was playing in big piles of leaves, and getting brand new shoes dirty! But they loved it!

The whole experience was great fun. Working in a documentary style, I feel you get so much more out of a family, and children especially if you just let Boys be Boys.

I captured a variety of images for Nathalie. I wanted to ensure she had a good selection that would not just be suitable for her blog, but that she could actually love and cherish on a personal level.

Thanks to Nathalie, Tom, Charlie, Hector and of course Buddy for allowing me to spend some time with you. It was great.

If you would like to book a location portrait shoot. Please get in touch.

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