The Custard Factory

Now let me set this straight before I even begin... No, I didn't go to a Factory that makes Custard... Well not quite anyway... I went to The Custard Factory, Digbeth in Birmingham, which once was the old Birds Custard Factory... Still confused? Carry on reading to explore..

To passers by, it may just look like a lot of old random coloured buildings, and industrial units, nestled away under the arches of Birmingham city railway line...but to me, it was the urban, funky, eye opening location I had been dreaming about for months. On a first glance, it may seem damp and dark in places, but once you open your eyes and start discovering what it has to changes.

I learnt about the treasures The Custard Factory holds, through fellow photographers on Instagram. Living in Surrey, in a pretty, rural location, I don't get to discover too much street art and urban grit (blimey I sound like a right country bumpkin). So I instantly fell in love with what I was seeing.

Looking down leads you to nothing more than damp pavements, car parks and over grown weeds, but look up, and the walls and buildings come alive. Officially The Custard Factory is the creative sector of Birmingham, located in the old factory units of the Bird's Custard Factory, 10 minute walk from The Bullring and the heart of Birmingham City Centre. These days it has a modern warehouse style feel with a collection of industry providers, shops and cafes. I believe in 2018 it is due to undergo development to enhance its potential. But for now I was happy with what I was seeing. Street Art and loads of it! On every wall I turned to see a different and unique art work. I tried to stand and appreciate each one for its beauty and the time and effort it's creater lovingly gave it.

Decorating the arches and the once mundane car parks...the art work is incredible.

I had booked my trip to Birmingham, as a 'step out of my comfort zone' trip. I was going alone to walk, discover and document. But now here, with Mr Cuff next me (I'd booked a double room anyway, so we decided to get away together for the weekend...hurrah!) I'm so glad I wasn't alone. I'm glad someone could share the beauty with me. It also meant I now had someone to model for me. And Mr Cuff, not being one to let me down, stepped right up to the plate. (I even know for a fact, he brought more outfits than me for the weekend in anticipation..ha!)

Having a companion, also meant I could use the time, to try my luck on the other side of the camera too..... Not my best talent, but I'm always willing to give it a go..ha!

After an hour or so wondering around and snapping away, the light was fading, and the temperature was dropping, so that was our cue to leave. So we set off back into the centre, to find cocktails and food.

Its hard to put into words all the amazing art work, so I hope I can just let the images do the talking.

I was not disappointed in anyway as to what I had seen.

Sometimes you need to slow down, open your eyes, and discover what really is hidden right in front of you!

The second adventure of my planned weekend was for the next day. Saturday 11th Nov, and The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza at The Bond, just round the corner from The Custard find out more, check out my next Blog Post coming real soon..... Too be continued.......

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