Well Hello There....

So, you've probably all noticed, I've not been so active in 2018, in fact I haven't blogged since the 11th January.

I kind of fell of the Blogging Wagon, and in fact fell off the Photography Wagon as a whole in 2018.

For my own sanity, I made a very hard decision to take a step back from the whole thing.  

The end of 2017, and the beginning of 2018 were a very tough time for many reasons, and I just felt I couldn't be the creative creature I wanted to be.

10 months down the line, and I can finally see a light.  A light which is bringing me more positivity, and more creativity.

I have alway believed that I am a pretty confident person, and I can do most things, but the realisation that my self belief was almost non-existent, hit me hard.

It's true, I play a confident person, and am super good at dishing out amazing advice to others about how they can smash anything they put their mind too, but inside, I am full of self doubt in my own abilities.

I can't say I even realised at the time.  It took a few months of being on the verge of tears, and my best friend telling me that my self confidence was through the floor, and i couldn't see it, to wake me up, and help me see the light. 

I still have a lot to work on, and a long way to go, but I can feel the passion creeping back in.  I have set myself small goals for 2019, and my main challenge is to fulfil them, 

Ive alway grappled with how personal you should be on a business blog, but I realised that my clients are letting me into their private lives, so it's only fair that they know a thing or 2 about me.

Photography is not all about taking photos, it's a passion, it's not about selling my photography, it's about people buying into me!  Photography isn't just a business, Photography is a vocation.

I am a massive supporter of the charity Heads Together, and have witnessed first hand what a mental health condition can do to someone.

I am truly blessed that I've never experienced a mental health condition myself, however I am human, the same as everyone else, and we all suffer with demons in one way or another, no matter the scale.

So I guess the point of me expressing this to you all, is I am finally taking my own advice.  I am 'getting it out there' 'getting it off my chest'.  

By doing this, I can move on, and begin to be the person I love to be.

So here I am!  A soggy Sunday with some time on my hands, so I thought what better way to spend it, than to celebrate ME!  (Oww I hate saying that!  I'm really not one for bigging myself up).

I'm going to celebrate what I've come through, and celebrate the successes yet to come!

Life isn't easy.  There isn't a manual, and there certainly isn't one right or wrong way for everyone.  We just have to tune into our needs, and be the best version of ourselves we can.

So that's it...Now I've put my thoughts on the line, and you have a small snippet of whats going through my brain...I suppose I should actually introduce myself.

For those of you that know me, this is old info, but for those of you that don't, well this is me...

I'm Caroline...

A Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer and Blogger from Guildford, Surrey (UK)

I am obsessed with Weddings (Yet never want to actually do it myself), and anything alternative that goes with them.

Over the past year, I have both lost myself, and found myself.....and not necessarily in that order.

My life seems to be a constant rollercoaster, but I think deep down, I thrive on it.

I know the direction I want to take my business, but I get a little lost trying to get there.

2019 for me, is to truly find myself, and to stop getting lost, and find that yellow brick road to success.

I love anything that Sparkles, Rainbows, Country Music, and absolutely anything Rustic, Rural, Shabby Chic, Vintage, Festival or Alternative....Ha....That's a lot of stuff!

Owner and Creator of Caroline Stocking Photography & Wellies & Weddings.

I am a photo loving, dog loving, countryside loving, vintage loving, crazy blonde bird, who would love nothing more than to have you along for the ride.

So that's me.

Now lets do this. Lets embrace our talents, Believe in ourselves, and be the best we possibly can!!!

Welcome to my world...


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