Something to look back on...

It's Friday! Yaaassss!! Or should I say FRIYAY!!!!

I shouldn't complain really, as I had 2 lovely days off at the beginning of the week, so my working week never actually started until Wednesday, but still loving the fact it is Friday. I have to work tomorrow, but working a Saturday is part of the norm these days.

Every year, around this time, myself and my bestie always find ourselves having a conversation about the dreaded C word (Yep, Christmas) and how that we don't want any presents from each other, we just want to make memories...I know cheesy, but we do a pretty good job at sticking to it. We would much prefer to go out and about, or just spend time with each other, and our families.

As we get older, it means far more to us, to spend time with each other and have a laugh, than stress about buying yet another gift that neither of us actually need.

The same goes for me and Mr C. I'm always telling him that I don't want anything for Christmas and Birthdays, I would much prefer that we do things together throughout the year. That way we have amazing stuff to look forward to.

We do our best to get out and about, and see and do as much as possible.

With the new purchase of a Campervan in 2018, I have high hopes for an action packed 2019, roaming round the country, exploring. With the hidden gem of also owning a Harley Davidson (I only sit on the back mind you) My dreams are made, and I can live like a biker chic/beach surfer babe! If only I had the beautiful figure and long flowing blonde hair to go with it...ha!

After yet another tough year for me and Mr C, finally now coming to an end, we are already looking to the future, and hope that we can stack up the memories in 2019.

This year, I took up a little hobby that is related to photography, but I have to admit, I'm not very good at... I decided I would start making little homes videos of the things we do. Photographs are one thing, but to actually capture a moment in time on video, I think is super special.

I would love nothing more than in 10, 20 maybe even 30 years time, to look back at these videos, and remember all the good times we had.

I wasn't actually going to share a video with you guys, as in my eyes, they really are not that great. But then I thought, why the heck not? You can't be good at everything, and everyone has to start somewhere. And for me, it's not about the quality, it's about having something to look back on in the future, and to savour.

And who says everything always have to be perfect these days? Why can't we just step away from modern day life, and modern technology, and make an old fashioned home movie?

I will learn and teach myself to get better, and I hope that I can share that learning experience with you guys, but for now I love the rawness of them, the simplicity of them, and the love they bring to my heart.

So Mr C and I had a couple of days away down in Brighton at the beginning of the week, and to celebrate this, I made one of those little videos.

So here it is, in all it's shakiness, rawness and bluriness....

I will share more in the future, but for now this is the start of something personal for me.

And I love it!!!

If any of you out there have any tips and tricks to expand my current 0% knowledge on making videos with a DSLR, then please do get in touch...I think it's pretty obvious I need all the help I can get...ha!

So get out there and make some memories.

Have a great weekend gang.


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