For those of you that know me, or follow me, you will probably know by now that I have a few great passions and beliefs in life....

Everything happens for a reason




& Dogs...

These 5 things mean everything to me, and I do my best to live by them as much as I can.

So that's where Candy comes into it!

As you may or may not know......3 years and 9 months ago, we rescued a 10 year old Cocker Spaniel called Candy.

She needed a good retirement home to live out her senior years, and enjoy life to the max.

And we were the people to give it to her!

Already having the love of my life Sam (my Black Labrador fur baby) for 9 years, it was always gonna be a risk bringing another full time dog in to the house. Especially when Sam had always had all the attention.

But knowing he had the best temperament, and knowing that I couldn't let the little girl go without offering her a home....i just had too.

Mr C and I never really considered a second dog (not at that time anyway), so it really did happen out of the blue. But once we had her, we never looked back, and despite her aliments and constant (expensive) vet visits, it was the best thing we ever did.

Fast forward just over 3 and a half years, and our little unit of 4 sadly had to be broken apart. Candy had a heart condition that we worked hard to keep on top of the whole time we had her, and it never stopped her doing anything.

But sadly 5 weeks ago after a slow and gradual decline in her health, we had to make the heart stopping decision to say goodbye.

At the time I was heart broken, and couldn't cope with the void left in the house without her. Now, a few weeks on, my heart still aches, but I look back on the last 3 and a half years, knowing we had the best time, she had the best time, and we couldn't have done anymore for her if we tried.

We sure did give her the best retirement.

Here's where my belief in Everything happens for a reason comes in...

Our favourite walking spot for both Sam & Candy, is a beautiful lake down the road surrounded by forest, in the heart of Surrey (I'm not telling you were it is, as it's my special place, and I don't want to share it...ha)

It's a walk we go on a lot, and have used on certain occasions when times have been rough. It's a tranquil place that leaves us refreshed and able to tackle the next hurdle.

Apparently, according to my Facebook memories, that popped up on my news feed this morning, I was there with both Sam & Candy on this very day 3 years ago!

It is also the final walk I had with my baby girl, when deep down I think we both knew it would be our last together.

These 3 photos were taken on that final walk, and I'm so pleased I have them.

So today, it was only fitting that we took her to that lake to say our final fair wells.

With Sam in tow, the 3 of us, dipped our toes in the lake, and sent her to the water and the skies..

And so now, we are a 3...again!

And I have my 2 boys in my life to give all my love to, and a heart full of incredible memories to cherish forever.

To all you Fur Baby Mummas & Pappas out there....Enjoy every minute with them. they are not called Man's Best Friend for nothing!


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