Year End....

December 30, 2018


When it comes to writing year end reviews, I am awful... I can hardly remember what I did yesterday most of the time, let alone what I did over the last 12 months.  So, like every year, I sit there with my diary, scrolling through page by page, week by week, looking through the adventures I have put myself through, and surprising myself frequently when something pops up that I had completely forgotten even happened!!


The problem with us human beings is, I swear we are programmed to only remember the negative...So when people say to you 'What was the high light of your year', we instantly forget and hone straight in on that one event that left a negative impact on our lives. 

Well, I for one am going to do my bloody best to change that in 2019!


2019 for me is full of hope, I already have some super exciting stuff planned, and I want to fill the whole year with love and laughter.

But before I can embark on 2019, and what it has to hold, I feel I need to say Goodbye to 2018 first.


It's been another year full of ups and downs..but who's year hasn't?  I've written enough posts this year expressing how I feel about different things, and I don't want this to be another one of those posts.

I want this to be a celebration of everything I've done, whether it be happy or sad, with nothing but love for every event.


So here goes...A year in photos...



New Years Day

Witley Panto


Goodbye to the best Father In Law a girl could ever ask for....



A special little 4th Birthday

Country 2 Country

Snow Days


Jo, Matt & Family

 Kelly & Ed Engagement

The 1st Ever Godalming Wedding Fair!!

 Peter & Family

 Keith & Anita


Kelly & Ed

 Tamsin & Family



A stroll in the park...

Mr C & I rocking the fancy dress!