A little trip out

Yesterday (23rd Jan 19) I decided to take myself off for a little jolly to London.

I went to a wedding professionals networking event hosted by the London Wedding Breakfast Club.

It was held at The Folly nr Monument tube station in central London, and was set to be a lovely morning.

Firstly let me talk about The Folly! What a beautiful, comfortable, welcoming place. The decor was right up my street, and I literally could of spent all morning just photographing the interiors.

I may be slightly in love with the unique toilet decor, and the floral toilet entrance wall paper!

But I wasn't there for that...sadly. So after arriving half an hour early, throwing the most elegantly designed hot chocolate I've ever seen down my neck, it was downstairs for me, and into a little seperate meeting space, to introduce myself to my fellow networkers.

I think there were about 20 suppliers at the event, but only myself and 1 other were new to the event. That's not to mention Lex Flemings beautiful Puppy 'Wednesday' who joined the group too....cute!!

Being a newbie made no difference what so ever, as everyone was so lovely, and instantly made me feel at home, and one of the group.

The group session was based on business owners with double lives.

Basically, it was for like minded professionals that run wedding businesses, but also work other jobs alongside it, or juggle children and pets.

It was a chance to learn more about other people, and discover that, in fact you are not alone in your multi hyphened life, and we suffer the same struggles.

But it was a chance to help each other out, and share ideas and advice on how to improve business and productivity, and how to just make life easier for ourselves.

What does fascinate me though...is how different people can be! What works for one person, doesn't always work for someone else.

But that makes us the individuals we are.

Included in my ticket price was breakfast, and although my choice was naughty, it was completely satisfying....Pancakes with Banana, Pecans and Maple Syrup....Yaaasss!!!

The session went on for 3 hours, and was a great experience.

I would definitely go again, although I would certainly have to budget a train ticket into the mix next time....as £40 was a slight shock at 8am in the morning!

That said, it removed me from my little countryside bubble, and gave me a chance to meet some new faces, and experience other people's lives!

Thanks LWBC, I really hope to be back again soon.


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