Fun, Relaxed, Documentary Style Wedding Photography - Capturing the Details

If you are planning a wedding, sometimes it can be overwhelming when you tap Wedding Photographers into Google. Up come thousands upon thousands of different Photographers based all over the country, and you just don't know where to start.

My first big tip for you, is to be more specific. When searching, perhaps add in a Geographical area, and maybe a specific style you like.

We are all very different, and we all have our own unique styles and preferences. So take your time when deciding.

Being a Surrey Wedding Photographer, I am surrounded by the most beautiful venues, and destinations for couples to marry, not just in Surrey, but the surrounding counties, so I love to document all the amazing fine details, of both your day and your venue. These will be your memories for many years to come.

I have two mantras for my photography

-Your photos, Your way

- I am there for you, not the other way round

And I really hope this shows in my work.

I offer Fun, Relaxed, Documentary Style Wedding Photography, and enjoy nothing more than capturing the details.

Capturing all the little things you have spent many hours planning, organising, and in some cases...making.... Oh I do love a DIY project!

Candid photographs are often my favourites from a wedding too. The one's that no one realised you took. The one's with the real smiles!

When choosing your photographer, make a list of your requirements, think about the styles you like, and the moments you would like captured.

This can go a long way to helping you make a decision.

'The Truth of the Story, Lies in the Details'

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