Man's Best Friend - Dog Photography

Now I know I'm a Wedding Photographer, but I am allowed a hobby..right?

To everyones surprise, I do actually have a life outside work! Ha!

But in my case, my hobby is actually also my career....and thats photography!

I absolutely adore it, but my love for it, stretches much further than Wedding Photography and Portrait Photography. I bloody love Landscapes, and I bloody love Dogs! So what do I do in my spare time? Go for walks in the country with my dog of course, and 9 times out of 10 the camera comes too!

Despite this being a hobby, the 2 very often cross over, as over the years, I have had many clients contact me for portraits of their dogs, and who am I to say no to those beautiful little eyes and wet noses....I'm talking about the dogs now, not the owners ;)...Ha!

So over time, I seem to have added Dog Photography to my list of services, and do you know what...? I am not sorry about it. I love it! It gives me a break from the people, and give me chance to focus on another real passion.

Dogs are our best friends after all, and part of our families. They stick by us through thick and thin, and never question our decisions or motives.

Why shouldn't they be celebrated just as much as humans?

I am lucky enough to have a bestie of my own. I have Sam, a 12 year old Black Labrador, and he is my best buddy. He doesn't leave my side, and he is my favourite model. I have been taking photos of him since he was a puppy, and now even sits down as soon as he realises I want to take a photo of him...ha! He is my go to model, when I have no jobs booked in and I have no one to borrow. I'd say he loves it, but I'm not so sure, I think he does it to keep me happy. And thats why I love dogs! Always wanting to please us, and make us happy, as much as we make them happy.

If you would like your dog photographed, then get in touch. I am a Surrey Dog Photographer, but I travel the home counties.

Dog Photography is a joy...take a look...I'll bet you can't help but smile.

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