Being Independent

At this time of year we are duly reminded to try and shop local and to save our high streets.

Christmas is a tough time of year for independent traders, and without our local communities they can't exist.

But let's be honest though, despite our best efforts, we all still shop online though...Even the small business owners themselves do! And there is nothing wrong with that! The convenience and price of it, can sometimes be very hard to beat.

But let me ask you this.....when did you last actually go for a stroll around your local high street? When did you go and investigate the many small businesses that are popping up?

Well I for one can openly admit that only in the last few months have I started shopping back on my high street.

The biggest reason for staying away was simply, I don't live local to a high street. It was much easier to just order online and have it delivered to my door.

But over the last year I have spent a great deal of time working closely alongside independent small businesses, and have found myself in my local high street far more.

You would be so surprised what you can get, if you're just prepared to spend a little more time. I know we are all busy people. But take that lunch break you never have, or take that walk out you so desperately need, and see whats on offer.

I'm not sitting here telling you to ditch the internet, because let's face it, thats totally unrealistic in this day and age, but maybe what I am asking is, over the next few weeks, when you're considering your pressie list, maybe make a vow to yourself to buy even just one of those presents off that list in the high street. It can make the worlds of difference.

At this stage you are probably all wondering why I am rambling on about businesses...well that's because I run a scheme for independent small business owners.

I offer Independent Small Business profile shoots for traders who would like to show the world what really happens behind those closed doors.

We as small business owners have nothing to hide, and we are super proud of everything it takes, to produce our products and services and to be able to share them with you.

We often get told our products are 'too expensive' or that a client can get 'it' cheaper somewhere else...

Well that's good for you...but have you ever considered why that product or service is the price it is? Well it is in fact not 'expensive' it is the exact correct price for the service and quality you are receiving.

So may times I get couples contacting me after their wedding has taken place, explaining that they are now not happy with the photographer they chose and their photos are not that great, and wish they had chosen me after all...well that's the price you pay. This is not me bigging myself up by the way, it's just an example....I'm in no doubt plenty of others could give you the same story.

Do your research people!

So if you're a small business and want to show your past, present and future clients how your little world ticks, then get in touch.

And if you're a client or a potential client and want to research a certain business, then this is a great way to read all about them.

We want to share our passion with you.

Come and join us on our crazy, stressful, amazing, tiring, wonderful journeys.

We'd love to have you.

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